About ADMS ...

Men’s sheds are a worldwide network dedicated to improving well-being through the provision of recreational facilities and activities. Although men’s sheds are aimed at combating social isolation in men, they are open to all members of the community.



Jan 2017 - Alford and District Men’s Shed requested the right to take on part of the old school site and former Technical Department from Aberdeenshire Council as part of a community asset transfer, and was  given the green light to proceed. We became a registered Charity under the OSCR Registry and we formed a constitution.

The result after 5 years of hard work by the Members, and key grant funding (see our 'Thank you' and 'Grants & Awards' pages), has been the preservation and re-purposing of a substantial building and valuable equipment that would otherwise have been demolished and scrapped.

We are proud of our ADMS building. It now has renewed and better-insulated glazed walls and roof. It has 21kW of Solar Panels on the roof. In 2022 we installed an integrated renewable energy based heating system.

The building is now backed up by a Sensory Garden (under 2023 planting and further development); a Community Orchard planted two years ago and coming into fruit this year for the second time; a large Polytunnel containg some raised beds; a large Greenhouse, and an Allotments Area with 18 rented-out plots.

What was a deserted building and surrounding field, worth nothing, is now a facility valued at £350,000 for insurance purposes and is quickly becoming an attractive Community Asset.

A drone shot of our full estate  ->


What we planned for ......

... The Design created by Graeme McDonald of 338 Building Design, Alford


Our mission ...

Generally men rarely share personal concerns about health and personal worries, often becoming depressed and insular. We want to make a change, to give men a voice, and every opportunity to forge new relationships.

Sheds are about meeting like-minded people and having someone to share your stories, skills, jokes, knowledge & worries with. We believe this environment will offer an opportunity for members to gain a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. As a by-product of all of that, locally we want to reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness, allowing people to deal with mental health challenges more easily and remain independent.

Our Aim ...

We believe our Men’s Shed is vital for our community in so many ways and as a result we want our members to manage the facilities as we hope the collective body brings about stronger feelings of fulfillment and achievement in our members. Our hope is that this will lead to sustainability while ensuring the future of the Shed. 

Our Ambition ...

It was our ambition in 2015 to convert the former technical department of Alford Academy into one of the best men’s sheds , and that in turn would create a community hub that will have something for everyone in the Alford district and beyond.

In 2018 the Academy community asset was transferred to the Alford & District Men's Shed......... and now in Spring 2023 we have improved and totally refurbished a 1970s building into a very fine modern one!

We have now installed a 'smart' new heating system which will integrate our 21 kW of Solar Panels with a 3000 litre thermal storage tank, a 'Tesla' DC storage battery, two external Air Source Heat Pumps and a computer-based control system. To pay for this we have been given an amazing 85% grant by Local Energy Scotland via their CARES programme.



We have substantial woodworking machines

...and we can provide safety training or cut to order.

We have metal-working lathes and shaper

...and we can provide safety training or machine to order.

We have a really fine kitchen and cafe area

...and we can provide excellent tea, coffee and 'fancy pieces'.

We have an excellent wood-workshop with lathes, bench saws, bench drills and many handtools

...and we can provide safety training or work to order. We have a vast stock of seasoned timber both softwood and hardwood (some exotic!)


Q - What is a Men’s Shed?
A - Men’s Sheds are community spaces to connect, converse and create. The activities are often like those of a garden shed project, but for groups to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, you can have fun & be creative.            

                                              Remember, a Shed can be whatever you want it to be.

Q - How do I join the Alford Men's Shed
A - Pop in by for a cuppa and get a tour of the grounds & facilities. Contact/Find Us

Q - What skills do I need to join the Alford Shed?
A - None, the Alford Shed welcomes you to come along to see how we can help you improve your well-being by getting involved. You may have special skills that we don’t currently have.

Q - Who runs Men’s Shed Alford?
A- The Alford Shed is managed as a charity by an elected Board of Trustees (of a range of ages and experience) who are nominated for election for a 3 year term at an Annual General Meeting. In the day-to-day running there are no bosses at ADMS, only workshop Supervisors for Safety.

Q - Is the Men’s Shed just for older people?
A - No, our aim at the Alford Shed is to remove feelings of loneliness and isolation which can be dangerous for your health and well-being. We at the Alford Shed recognise that age isn’t a factor in loneliness and isolation and would encourage anyone over the age of 18 to become member.

Q - Can women join?
A - There are many Men’s Sheds in the UK with female members, and although Men’s Sheds exist for the benefits they bring to men’s health and well-being, they can also bring those benefits to women. We at ADMS recognise that any gender may benefit from such an environment and we would be interested to hear from you.

Q - Where can I find more information?
A - You can find more information at Scottish Men's Shed Association...... https://scottishmsa.org.uk/