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Alford Green Hub is a two-year project funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund that will help make the Men’s Shed and associated food producing area contribute to Scottish greenhouse gas emissions targets. CCF funding for Alford Green Hub will provide a much-needed accelerator for the development of former school buildings and land recently acquired on a Community Asset Transfer for the Alford community.  It will enable the rapid development of the green space and creation of an energy-efficient building as a central meeting space and recreational work space for the whole AB33 community.  Working with other local NGOs and local groups, Alford and District Men’s Shed will manage this multi-facetted project will promote local food
production, food sharing and recycling, encourage the shift to green transport and offer support to help AB33 residents to access appropriate information on energy efficiency and home renewables. The project will help steer behaviour change towards green transport, local food and recycling and increase understanding of climate change in the local community through a series of community events/workshops and surgeries and create a legacy of local food production and energy efficient buildings.

Green Hub Progress 2018 to 2022

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