Our Sales & Services Page

We make quite a selection of items from bird boxes, bird feeders, benches and carry out repairs to your garden and household items where safely possible. We also are given, from time to time, very useful pre-owned items including tools and equipment. At any given time we have a variety of items for sale. You are always welcome to visit, take a look and make us an offer!

Our Greenhouse, Polytunnel, Orchard & Sensory Garden operations require us to buy in high quality compost, fertiliser, bedding plants, etc. 

We often have a surplus that we sell to the community at cost plus a very small margin for our funds. 

(At the moment 10/03/23 we have some bags of compost available). Some bedding plants e.g. tomatoes will be available in a month or so.

NB: Pictures below are illustrative only - we will have a variety! Enquire at the Greenhouse on Tuesday or Thursday mornings for information and prices.