Thank You

Many thanks to the businesses & individuals who support the shed. 

As a small thanks we have, where possible, published the logo of supporting businesses or persons. To find out more about the company or person you can click their individual logo/picture and this will take you to their own website. There are also individuals who support the shed and we have created a digital 'Thank You Wall' see below.  We apologise if we have missed anyone so please let us know & we can get your named added............ we are truly grateful to everyone. 

If you wish to make a donation to your shed please contact us by email (  or feel free to call in by for a friendly cuppa where you will be made most welcome.....

W&W Mackie have provided HUGE support over the last five years with materials, plant and transport at zero or minimal cost .... W&W Mackie

Emili Sande gave us a large donation at the honour of her father Joel Sande who was for many years Senior Technical Teacher at the old Alford Academy and ran the technical department  - which is in fact now our much enhanced building!  Emile Sande

Digital Thank You Wall

We also wish to thank many of our own  members who have donated in  various ways to enable us to move forward with the completion of our shed